From one barre-addict to another...

“Barreworks is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise that I have ever taken part in. The classes are always varied, I never knew that there could be some many different exercises for the stomach and bottom! I have a waist again!  Excellent teaching in a beautiful studio.  Fantastic."
Clare Findlay

“I have lived in Richmond for 30 years and could never have imagined what a gap there was in my life until I discovered Barreworks”
Anne Sebba

“I am constantly reminded (through changes to my own figure and comments I hear from others) of how the method not only reshapes, but also provides strength and definition with no bulk – pure, long, lean muscle.”
Vian Sharif

“The Barreworks Ballet WorkOut is a triumph. Great fun, challenging in a completely different way and quite addictive. Being able to do this class after a Barreworks Workout is a big buzz. It compliments what I still find an extremely tough work out with one (while still being very demanding) that feels as if it allows the muscles to relax into the movement and enjoy a different workout altogether. There is something about the grace and discipline of ballet that has a romance to it. To be able to access even the tiniest part of that grace and discipline is fantastic.”
Gillian McNeil

“Barreworks is the reason why I've begun to become passionate about exercise again. The classes really help build your confidence and help you achieve the results you're looking for. They are fun, friendly and it's clear that the instructors really care. The studio is gorgeous, brand new and very professional. I think any woman should try these classes out, they'll never be the same!”
Jen Kassanis

"I would recommend this to anyone. It is so good to find a class that I want to go back to and doesn't feel like a chore, in fact it is so addictive that I now go twice a week! The exercises are straightforward, but VERY effective. I have noticed a huge improvement in my core strength, posture and muscle tone since starting."
Joanna Kersley

“I’ve participated in an array of fitness classes from hip-hop dancing to power plates to keep my body in a toned condition. However, after several sessions I begin to lose interest as the exercises become tediously repetitive and I don’t feel that I am being challenged.
When I first heard about Barreworks classes and how satisfied a friend was, I thought it was worthwhile signing up.  Now attending twice a week, I haven’t been to one class that has been repeated. The sessions are original, challenging and energizing and after every session I feel worked through, it's addictive!
Finally I would just like to add that the level of dedication that the Instructors give, especially in making sure you execute every movement and understand how to use the muscles correctly make the classes invaluable.”
Rhiann Sherrif