Getting to the finish line...

I wanted to write this blog a lot earlier than now. Just 3 days away from my 4th marathon, Paris 2015, the fact that I've finally got round to it is a clear indication that I'm in my tapering phase and looking for non-physical activities to keep my mind away from race nerves!

Many Barreworks regulars will know that I'm a keen runner and enjoy the occasional extra challenge of a full, or half-marathon or a less arduous 10k race every now and then. There's something about having a challenge set ahead of you to avoid the pitfalls of routine and give your exercise regime a boost with a competitive event.

Some of you have asked me how I find the time, energy or motivation to run in additon to all the hours spent at the barre...the truth is that I was lucky enough to discover running and barre exercise at the same time (some 10 years ago..!) and worked out pretty fast that the two disciplines have a LOT to thank each other for. Here's why...


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