Winter blues...

This time of year really puts the screws on you. Not only are most of us trying to ‘be good’; save money, lose weight, keep to all kinds of unmanageable and oppressive resolutions, we’re also contending with miserable weather and dark nights that seem to go on forever.

Just at the time you need a good boost to your endorphins, someone switched the lights off and gave you every other reason not to go outside unless you can help it...


Busting myths...


There's a lot of useful information out there surrounding diet, fitness, new techniques, old techniques, latest research and new-fangled innovations. There's also a whole load of 'stuff' to get confused about, waste your time

worrying about and get-all-excited thinking about, when the reality is that it's pure marketing spin, designed to get you buying magazines and signing up for pointless offers of this and that.


Because we want to save you time (time that could otherwise be spent at the barre..!) we've sifted through the nonsense and promise to bring you all the best bits of what we discover. All backed up by personal experience, knowledge and a whole lot of common sense.


Sleep yourself slim

All sorts of things can cause poor sleep patterns and affect the quality of your Zzzzzs. And your body has extraordinary coping mechanisms to help you get through the day, week or month(s) that follow. Sometimes it just takes one crazy weekend or a short-lived stressful situation to send you into a cycle of exhaustion, frustration…and food cravings that un-do all the good effects of your workouts and leave you feeling even more sluggish.



Have you noticed that the more tired you are, the hungrier you get? Here’s why..


Stretch & burn...!

What you might not know, but be pleased to discover is that stretching causes “Z-line ruptures.” That’s also how strengthening works. When you lift a weight, you cause tiny muscle tears that stimulate your muscle to build denser and stronger fiber as it repairs itself. That’s why you can be out of breath after a stretch sequence!


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