Marie-Hélène Guichard

Instructor, Barreworks WorkOut, Barreworks Fusion WorkOut

Originally from Normandy, in France, Marie-Hélène came to London 30 years ago to join British Airways as a Cabin Service Director.

In-between long haul flights, aware of the need to rebalance her mind and body, Marie-Hélène made running, hiking, yoga, water skiing and snow skiing part of her life. One of her favourite destinations was India, and there, at a time when it was not so popular in Europe, she discovered Yoga. Qualifying as a Yoga instructor in 2002 with the Sivananda School, Marie-Hélène has developed her yoga practise with a variety of different styles to influence her teaching, including, most recently, barre exercise.

Leaving trips in the sky behind her, Marie-Hélène now has her feet firmly on the ground and since qualifying from the Barreworks Instructor Training Programme in May 2013, she teaches at the barre during the Summer and spends the winters in Barbados, teaching Yoga at the marina of Port St Charles.