My day on a plate…by Zhivka Slavova – Barreworks Richmond London

My day on a plate…by Zhivka Slavova

Ever wondered how a Barreworks Instructor stays fuelled throughout the day? Balancing the need to remain light on their feet whilst being satiated enough to keep going through a gruelling schedule of classes…? Here’s the low-down…are you taking notes?


My alarm goes off just after 6am. I like to get going as soon as I wake up and always start the day with a shot of aromatic espresso.


Next it’s time for breakfast – the first and most important meal of the day! If I’m teaching an early class, I usually opt for a small and nutritious bowl of Greek yogurt, or creamy porridge, with some chopped nuts, seeds, chia, bee pollen and fresh fruit. This meal gives me the energy that I need for my first session, but will not make me feel full. It is packed with macro and micro nutrients and tastes so good.


I really like to take a morning power walk or run to the studio – it’s the best way to warm up before my first class. Working out in the morning is proven to speed up metabolism, improve your overall health and fitness performance, decrease stress levels and give you that energy and confidence boost that’s essential at the start of the day.


It’s time for the first class. Teaching the 7:30am class at Barreworks is always a great experience and although I’m mainly focused on the performance of my clients and delivery of the class, it’s a fantastic workout for me too. My job is very physical and involves a lot of demonstrating, hands on adjustments and supervision of clients. It is very rewarding. Today, I have back-to-backs at 7.30 & 9.30am.


A short break between classes and this is when I take the time to stretch out properly at the barre and take good care of my muscles. I use the foam roller and do a restorative yoga sequence on the mat before my 11am Fusion Workout.


I have a handful of raw nuts, an apple and plenty of water. I’m not a fan of sugary or fizzy drinks, but I do make sure I stay hydrated; it is just as important as eating well. As Studio Manager at Barreworks I spend my free time between classes catching up with emails, client requests and feedback. I think this is a very important part of my client relationships and I make sure their experience is exceptional, both in reaching their goals at the barre and receiving the support and guidance they need outside of the studio. After I finish my morning classes I like to go out for walk by the river or in the park. I try and get as much fresh air as I can during the day, it helps me clear my head, get fresh ideas and be present.


I usually head home for lunch. After an intense morning of classes, emails and interaction with clients, I need some time to rest and refuel. I go for something simple, tasty, easy to make and filling. My go-to lunchtime options are soup, a mushroom omelette, grilled halloumi and falafel salad or soft boiled eggs on avocado rye bread, sprinkled with some black pepper and chilli flakes. Time to put my feet up for a bit and simply allow my body to recover.


In the afternoon I often have exciting meetings with our partners, to come up with new and exclusive ideas for our members. Arranging team events, instructor sessions and offering support to the new trainees also forms part of my to do list and are very important for our fast growing Barreworks family.


Before I head back to the studio I normally have a nutritious pre workout snack, that gives me an extra kick for my evening sessions and keeps me full of energy. Fresh mango or other fruit with almond butter and coconut chunks is a favourite. It’s packed with tons of vitamin C, tastes great and provides all the good fats and protein. I like to make my own homemade energy balls and raw snacks that I can take with me and eat on the go.


I sometimes have a private session with a client at the studio in the evening and I plan a tailored one-to-one class that is entirely focused on the client’s specific needs and ability. This is usually followed by a group class – either Fusion or Barre workout, sometimes both!


I like to have something that’s easy to make and light for dinner, as I tend to come back home after work quite late. Tuna salad or grilled fish with some vegetables are my all-time favourites. Followed by a cup of peppermint tea, which is the perfect end to my day.


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