Think barre and ballet are ‘just for girls’..? Think again. – Barreworks Richmond London

Think barre and ballet are ‘just for girls’..? Think again.

Five reasons why men, sportspeople (anyone!) should train with us…

1. Protect yourself from injury…

Focus on controlling momentum. Athletes (and many amateur sports-people, by association) typically train with explosive movements, but neglect the eccentric muscle patterns that play the biggest role in protecting their bodies from injury. Think of it as ‘putting on the brakes’, a way to manipulate your body weight better through movement.

2. Shift your view of physical therapy…

By strengthening the core, and therefore the shoulder and hip girdle, we can correct poor postural habits and biomechanics, which lead to (or are the reason for existing) injuries. By strengthening weak areas and lengthening tight areas, we are able to create a balanced body that tracks efficiently.

3. Think multi-dimension, not one-dimension…

Barreworks trains the big muscle groups to work in conjunction with the deep stabilizers, optimising movement efficiency, improving muscle balance, providing a strong foundation from which larger muscle groups can produce power.

Most strength training isolates muscle groups by standing and lifting weight for the biceps, shoulders, quads, etc. Our techniques support and allow movement whilst isolating muscle groups, bridging the gap between big muscle groups and deeper stabilizers = a stronger, faster, and controlled athlete. We are not saying one technique should be chosen over the other, but that you need a combination of both.

4. Delay the onset of the physical aging process

Think of our technique as a ‘daily dose of rehab.’ We’re keeping your joints and spine strong and flexible, so that on a basic level, you will move in a more youthful way for longer and on a higher (sports-performance level) be able to perform/compete at a peak level for longer.

5. Enhance your performance…

Balance, coordination, and flexibility play key roles in being a well-rounded athlete. A successful athlete is not just strong or fast. You must be agile and light on your toes to be the complete package.

Functional training has a unique way of maximizing strength output without risking over-training. By performing exercises based on components of explosiveness, acceleration/deceleration and stabilization in all three planes of motion, you are preparing your mind and body for the specificity of a given sport/activity.


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