Welcome to our blog, ‘Behind The Barre’… – Barreworks Richmond London

Welcome to our blog, ‘Behind The Barre’…

Established in 2010, Barreworks was the first dedicated, independent studio to introduce barre and ballet-based exercise to the masses and continues to be the longest-standing barre and ballet studio in the UK. With 13 expert instructors from a wide range of backgrounds, we thought it was high time we opened our doors and took you on a journey behind the barre.

This unique blog will hopefully help you understand more about Barre, looking at our origins in Lotte Berk and New York City Ballet Methods, our exclusive classes which are designed to give you a low impact but high intensity full body workout and most importantly how you can obtain fast results towards achieving the physique of a dancer.


But that’s not all…because we want to bring you into our world, each member of the team will give you a behind-the-scenes look at life as a Barreworks Instructor, how we keep fit, what are the best foods to eat before or after a barre workout, the coolest trends in barre athleisure, who our fitness inspirations are…we want to share it all with you.

We’ll be updating the page regularly, so keep checking in for the latest news from behind the barre.

Team Barreworks

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