Monday Motivation – by Anne Sebba – Barreworks Richmond London

Monday Motivation – by Anne Sebba


Breakfast tastes better after a Barreworks workout. If you don’t believe me you haven’t tried it for long enough. I can’t imagine a day that doesn’t start with some form of exercise – and it doesn’t have to be 5 am yoga. Setting the alarm for 7 is plenty time enough. Everyone knows that exercise is easier on an empty stomach, just fall out of bed and sip some water. What’s stopping you?

More than ever I can’t imagine a week that doesn’t start with some kind of stretch, lift, plank or plié.  Monday has always been the best day of the week for me to set my intentions, start a new project or make a plan.  And even after nearly ten years of this I am still learning new ways to push, pull and strengthen my body. Last month I discovered that turning upside down can be fun. I see the world from a different perspective. This week I learned how important it is to exercise the balls of my feet.

I don’t mean to sound preachy but I really do feel holy, healthy and happy afterwards. I spend most of my day sitting at a desk and it’s so hard to break off in the middle of something. But as long as I do my exercise before I get engrossed in anything else then I can tick it off my list. And I promise you breakfast afterwards tastes wonderful.


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