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Getting Barre Certified – By Holly McFarlane

The Barreworks Instructor Training course was a game-changer for me. I discovered Barre a couple of years ago after a running injury, and immediately fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to learn how to teach but had no idea where to begin. I did some research and discovered the Barreworks course, and before I could chicken out, I signed up and paid the deposit.

We started with a two-day group workshop at the Barreworks studio. It was intense and challenging, combining anatomy and physiology with a tonne of practical learning, as well as participating in two of the signature Barreworks Workout classes which, at the time, were enough to leave me aching for days! But it was a good ache, and a good challenge, led by Vicki and Zhivka, two of the most knowledgeable and experienced Barre teachers I’ve met. They were incredibly encouraging, while still pushing us to get the most out of the training at all times (“Got an idea for an exercise? Brilliant – teach us!”)

After the workshop, I began a three-month period of supervised teaching at the Barreworks studio, starting with a small section of the class, building up to a full observed lesson for our final assessment. There’s nowhere to hide in a live class environment – you have to learn quickly and think on your feet – and at times it felt like being thrust in at the deep end. But – and this is key a part of why I loved the Barreworks training so much – I was never asked to do anything I wasn’t capable of. I was pushed, further and quicker than I thought I would be, but never beyond my limits. If I had genuine concerns there was always time given to address and work through them.

After I completed the course, Barreworks offered me a place on their roster of cover teachers, and I immediately said yes (a tried and tested method for tricking my future self into doing things I’m scared of!) After a few months of covering classes, a regular slot opened up on the timetable, and I now teach on Fridays at 9.30 and 11am. Having that weekly slot has been invaluable in terms of learning what works, honing new exercises, how best to cue, what music to use etc. I’m about to start teaching at a second studio, and I plan to continue learning as much as possible as I take on more classes.

It’s 11 months since I first stepped across the threshold at Barreworks, and while I’m still at the beginning of my Barre journey, I have a brand new career that I’m passionate about and committed to. If you’d told me a year ago that would be the case, I’d have laughed you out the room!

So a massive thank you to Barreworks for believing in me and supporting me to realise what, at one time, felt like a pipe dream. Here’s to the next year, and beyond


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