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Do you do Mondays…?

by Sarah Moheb-Ahanchi

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most.” Buddha.



I know that feeling… Let me pull the covers over my head. Let it be a dream!

Alarm on snooze. Dragging my feet to put on the morning coffee.

Savouring every minute before I had to leave the house for work.

Repeating my mantra: just five more days until the weekend, it’ll pass quickly enough. 

The start of another week, nothing new.

On top of that, ask me to wake up an hour earlier to exercise before work… ARE YOU INSANE?

A year later, Monday mornings I jump out of bed. Ready to leave the house and cycle off to Barreworks studio to be greeted by the tribe.

I always get there early, eager to practice and play with the peak pose I have planned for that morning, as I like to keep every week different.

How can so much change in only a year?

For me, it all started with yoga.

Slowly, I got addicted to the cliché of yoga:

The use of movement.

The connection to breath.

For the first year as a student of yoga, I would often leave the mediation time in a class, it was just too overwhelming for me.

Meditation or ‘savasana’ came as the last cherry on the tree for me.

Over a few years I slowly left an anxious ‘monkey mind’ and found a quieter mind. Stillness. Silence.

It exists!

Much like a varied diet, I truly believe variety in exercise is just as important for a healthy body.

Even yoga, while holistic, isn’t the perfect, well-rounded physical practice…
There’s something missing….Pull movements. Pulses. Resistance training.
At Barreworks we have a huge play box of goodies:
Resistance bands, medicine balls, Pilates balls, TRX and the list goes on.

Barreworks Fusion is the perfect blend of yoga and barre. 

I’m yet to come across another studio that allows me to teach such an addictive and well-rounded class format. 
Every class will feel different and strengthen your body in different ways.
Barreworks Fusion works through a signature Barreworks warm up, core section, freestanding centre work, barre section, all leading you to a peak pose and cool down. What’s the pay off for that?
A luxurious 5 minute relaxtion to finish with eye masks, pillows and natural oils. 
Since taking over the class in January I’ve had a regular core group at my 7.30am Monday class.
Most of them have started my classes with the shadow of past injuries holding them back. 
The unique format has allowed me to cater to their needs and push their boundaries. Already I have seen a huge progress in their physical capabilities, and continue to share in their journey. I am honestly so amazed by what they can do now!
I can’t promise miracles, but I can promise progress. 

They say to change a routine; you have to do something for at least 21 days straight.
To unlearn a habit you have to do it 50,000 times.
Changing your habits can be real hard work. Tiring. Overwhelming.
The great thing about a class is that you’re not alone. 
Joining the Fusion workout is so much more than joining a class. You join a tribe.
A trouble shared is a trouble-halved, right?

So why wake up an hour earlier?
Go on then, let’s make that pros and cons list.
Pros: Share in a community, make friends, become more flexibility, strengthen your body, calm your mind, set yourself up positively for the week, breakfast will taste better after a workout, leave with a mantra or motivational saying ready for your instagram, great music, feel good about yourself…

Cons: ?
You may find your new addiction (sorry coffee).

Monday, Monday
Whether you’re a yoga newbie or downward facing dog master, you’ll find the class a challenge. 
I promise you the hardest part will be joining the first Monday. Like riding a bike, after that it’ll just get easier. 

Come and join me every Monday at 7.30am for Barreworks Fusion. 
Like me, you might find Monday becomes your favourite day of the week!

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