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Adult Ballet. Expectation vs Reality…

One of the best things about Adult ballet is that’s it’s a social event, where the local community of like-minded people can come together and dance to wonderful music, If you haven’t tried an Adult Ballet class so far, ask someone that already has! I guarantee their answer will guide you towards taking your first steps within an Adult Ballet Class, where you will leave class feeling an immediate sense of accomplishment and a higher level of energy!

Have you ever seen how beautiful ballet dancers physiques are? Would you like to sculpt your body in a fun, challenging and artistic environment? If that’s a yes, then keep reading! Adult ballet provides low-impact moments, articulating the joints and muscles. You will gain suppleness and a greater range of flexibility, feeling more engaged with your own body. Technique being the focus of any ballet class, you will feel and see see physical improvements of your body becoming finely tuned and athletic.

In my opinion music initiates movement, and in Adult Ballet classes, dynamics of movement are at the forefront of our attention. Commencing with controlled movements at the Barrè such as Pliés, Tondues and Rond de Jambe. These movements enable the body to warm up gradually and organically. After the Barrè we move to centre-practise where the intensity gradually increases with exercises such as Adage, Pirouettes and Petit Allegro. To top that off, all exercises are choreographed in phrases (where you will have to focus!) utilising the life-of-music, written by composers such as Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Ravel and Einaudi.

Adult ballet is an excellent form of exercise. Working the functionality of the body and enhancing your postural alignment, agility, suppleness, coordination, and strength. Wow, all that! Yes, adult Ballet is possibly one of the most underrated forms of Fitness that is accessible to anybody!

Adult ballet is possibly the closest thing to experiencing what a professional ballet dancer does on a daily basis – isn’t that inspirational! If you haven’t taken a ballet class before and would like want to, Adult ballet is the perfect option. It is ideal for beginners as the dance instructor, like myself, clearly demonstrates each exercise and helps lead you through the movements and class!

I hope to see you in class!
Laurie McSherry-Gray

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