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Refreshingly exhausting…

The Barreworks Kefalonia Retreat, by Stephanie Strachan.

I intentionally did no homework before I went to Kefalonia with Barreworks and had no idea what to expect other than lots of barre workouts, no caffeine and no alcohol.

I was slightly worried I might be the fat unfit one amidst lots of skinny yogi bods but I actually felt very relaxed and was in great company. I was among inspirational women wanting to feel better about themselves whilst holding down a job with too many hours in the week and no time for themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed the varied exercise programme – especially the long hikes.

We did daily group barre workouts and one-to-one private workouts – and I really felt the benefit of both.

I never thought I would be into circuits or boot camps but actually enjoyed them and could do them much to my surprise! It showed me just how much Barreworks had strengthened my body. The activities were tailored to my needs and PT sessions were insightful and informative. The massages were awesome (and essential!) as was the turmeric/ manuka Honey lemonade – I couldn’t have survived without either.

The food was amazing. Tasteful, Michelin-star cuisine and I was never hungry despite it being super-healthy (and full of fruit/veg) I definitely had more than my 5 a day in each course!

There was an option to do a morning cycle/ run/ swim – but you could also walk to nearby Fiskardo, or relax by the many secluded pools and I didn’t feel under pressure to do anything.
The Hotel was lovely. The luxury speed boat trip was amazing.
I would definitely go again. i didn’t feel under pressure to conform or participate. I lost kg and cms in just 7 days! If I had been there another week I think it would really have made a huge difference as it was difficult to continue on on my return home. however by the end of the week I was pretty shattered.

In a REALLY good way.

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