Back to…Barre Basics – by Sarah Ahanchi – Barreworks Richmond London

Back to…Barre Basics – by Sarah Ahanchi

How do you live your life?

Rushing place to place? Cramming as much in as you can? Constantly setting new goals and striving for more?

Ever wondered if the way you live your life reflects itself in the type of exercises you lean towards?

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
~ Hans Hofmann

Barre basics is a new class at Barreworks. It strips everything so you can go “back to basics.”

This is great for you barre newbies out there, it will:

-Solidify your foundations

-Build your confidence,

-Help you to learn more about your body.

And for you Barre pros out there, surely you’re too advanced for this right?

If I asked you what the 16th letter of the alphabet was, would you be able to tell me in under 3 seconds? Or do you need to sing the alphabet song whilst counting on your fingers to answer that?

Barre basics can encourage you to:

-Learn even more about your body

-Refine movements and pick up new tips

-Keep a controlled body with better range of movement

-Focus the training without as much physical and mental distractions; meaning you have to overcome your mind a little more in some exercises. Training mind over matter.

Train smartly, train simply

For those of us with non-stop schedules it can be so valuable to allow yourself time to simplify things. Give yourself permission to learn. To strip things back. To repeat things and create muscle memory.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
~ Annie Dillard

In the basics we work through a variation of signature exercises like the pretzel, parallel barre thigh, standing splits, bicep curls, second position squats and so many other classics!

The more training I’ve done in sport disciplines, the more I’ve learnt the power of exercise. The way you treat your exercise regime often reflects the way you live your life outside of that space.

Last year I vowed to simplify, to strip back and go back to basics. A year on? My body is stronger for it. I can do things I hadn’t dreamed I would ever be able to physically do. I’ve learnt to do a little a bit better and ended up doing more then I thought possible.

Every barre class at Barreworks will be different, exciting and challenging whatever level you’re at today.

Oh and in case it was bugging you, the 16th letter is P. A great description for how you’ll feel in barre basics classes; perfect postures, precise movements and physical poised.

Come and join the Barreworks Barre Basics Mondays at 8.30am. I promise you’ll soon feel like you’ve learnt to sing the alphabet backwards, forwards and everything in between.

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