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Welcome to our blog, ‘Behind The Barre’…
29/09/17 -

Established in 2010, Barreworks was the first dedicated, independent studio to introduce barre and ballet-based exercise to the masses and continues to be the longest-standing barre and ballet studio in the UK. With 13 expert instructors from a wide range of backgrounds, we thought it was ...

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Seven things I wish I’d known before my first barre class, written by Laura Denham Jones
26/09/17 -

You do not have to be a dancer If you are not, or never have been a ballet dancer and already you’re thinking 'this can't be for me’ think again. The beauty of our workouts is that they are for anyone. You do not need any previous dance or general exercise experienc...

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Think barre and ballet are ‘just for girls’..? Think again.
15/09/17 -

Five reasons why men, sportspeople (anyone!) should train with us… 1. Protect yourself from injury… Focus on controlling momentum...

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My day on a plate…by Zhivka Slavova
15/09/17 -

Ever wondered how a Barreworks Instructor stays fuelled throughout the day? Balancing the need to remain light on their feet whilst being satiated enough to keep going through a gruelling schedule of classes...? Here's the low-down...are you taking notes?