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Positive effects of exercise on our mental wellbeing – by Jennifer Levy UKCP Registered Psychotherapist & (BWY) Yoga & Meditation Teacher
20/04/20 -

Hi, I’m Jennifer Levy, many of you know me or may have seen me regularly at Barreworks. I joined as a Barreworks member in 2015 and have not looked back since! Read More >

Top Tips for maintain motivation to WFH during lockdown – by Vicki Anstey
05/04/20 -

Probably the hardest thing during this time of lockdown and social isolation is maintaining any kind of structure in your day. With no (or very few) real markers for the week, one day blends into another and its very easy to lose all motivation to exercise, let...

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Strong Immunity is our Super Power! – Julia Arabuli, Barreworks Guest Nutritionist
18/03/20 -

Hello, I'm Julia. Plenty of you will have seen me over the years at Barreworks and I'm thrilled to get in...

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Our Top Tips for Self-Care…
28/02/20 -

If someone asked you if you take care of yourself, you’d probably say ‘yes’ without hesitation. But if they asked you HOW you look after yourself, would you find it difficult to list the ways..?
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Back to…Barre Basics – by Sarah Ahanchi
27/01/20 -

How do you live your life? Rushing place to place? Cramming as much in as you can? Constantly setting new goals and striving for more? Ever wondered if the way you live your life reflects itself in the type of exercises you lean towards? “The ability to ...

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Refreshingly exhausting…
06/11/19 -

The Barreworks Kefalonia Retreat, by Stephanie Strachan.

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Changing your career…
28/08/19 -

by Vicki Anstey

NEW ME versus OLD ME writt...

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Do you do Mondays…?
13/08/19 -

by Sarah Moheb-Ahanchi

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most.” Buddha.

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