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Barreworks Mentorship Scheme

We don’t just train people to teach. We coach them, support them and take an active interest in how they evolve as a Barre Instructor.

And we know that the real learning begins AFTER you qualify. Every now and then, it’s natural to hit a ‘rut’ or find that you haven’t been practising as much as you’d like to keep your game strong. That’s why we’ve launched our mentorship scheme. Designed for any Barreworks -Certified Instructor, this gives you a month of one-to-one coaching with us, where we evaluate class plans for you, invite you to immerse yourself in a class at the Studio AND to teach a full class to our clients.

We are also offering an online Mentorship Scheme during lockdown and as we all move towards a more online-focused offering in our teaching.


So if lockdown means you are getting less teaching practise, or you are daunted by the prospect of teaching via Zoom and you’d like to get some tips and advice for how to handle online classes, here’s what you’ll get:
💫 An invitation to attend one of our Zoom workouts (lead by our Founder Vicki, or Studio Manager Zhivka)
💫 Close supervision of your Zoom or pre-recorded classes with detailed feedback
💫 Detailed feedback on 3 different class plans
💫 A 30-minute Zoom call to answer any questions you may have and give you access to our best-practise advice for online coaching

We give you all the feedback you need to keep yourself amongst the most highly-trained barre professionals in the UK. Purchase a single month, or roll it over several to get back in the game and further sharpen your skills. The cost is £50 for each month, click here to purchase and email us to get set up any time that suits you.

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