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Barreworks Reward Points

As if a lifted seat, sculpted thighs, flat abdominals and a good dose of endorphins weren’t enough to keep you motivated, we’ve come up with even more ways to reward your hard work at the barre.

The Barreworks Frequent Flyer Programme is a barre-savings account that gives you points for attending classes, referring friends and special promotions on selected products.

Become a true #barreworkaholic and get way more than you bargained for…

Each visit you make earns you 50p into your account. It might not seem a lot, but if you take classes 3 times a week, over a month, you’ll have racked up £6. That’s over £75 a year, just for visiting.

Once you hit £10, you can redeem the value against class packages and product purchases. But make sure you use them regularly, as points expire 90 days after they have been awarded.

If you’re on our monthly subscription, each time you refer a friend to Barreworks (and that friend also signs up on a monthly subscription), you’ll get a £5 discount (per friend) on your monthly payment each month.*

*Your discount is applied for as long as your friend holds their subscription. Just contact us to set up the referral and redeem your points.

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