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Pre and Post Natal Barre Workout


“I was a Barreworks regular when I fell pregnant with my son. I really believe the core strength I gained from the exercises helped me have a very happy and healthy pregnancy and I felt energised. I started classes again about 8 weeks post-natal and feel so much better for it! My strength and stamina have reappeared and the extra pounds have gone. The classes also give me a welcome hour to focus on myself!” – Liz Mehdevy

“I continued to really enjoy my Barreworks classes during my pregnancy – its surprising what your rapidly expanding body will still allow you to do. The great thing about Barreworks classes is that there’s no easy ride, but you get close supervision and modifications to the exercises if you need them. And when you feel tempted to just put your feet up and eat for two, you know that the endorphin release you’ll get from a class will make it worth the effort – you get a tough, but safe, workout and you leave feeling even more blooming (and ready for cake!)!” – Kate Peters

“On finding out I was pregnant I was determined to continue exercising. When morning sickness set in and in fact throughout my pregnancy, I was grateful for the low impact, yet highly effective nature of the classes. I continued attending right up to the day before I gave birth. I’m convinced Barreworks had a large part to play in my quick (12 hours), natural labour. I returned to classes 9 weeks later. I’m delighted to say my daughter is not quite 6 months old and I have already returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and I feel fitter than I have in years. I’d recommend Barreworks to anyone, pregnant or not.” – Nikki Dawson

“I started exercising at Barreworks 2 months after the birth of my first baby (age 36 going on 37). Vicki immediately put me at ease by a thorough check to see that my stomach had returned to a state where abdominal work was safe again and after that I never looked back. Classes at Barreworks helped me regain my pre pregnancy shape (indeed more toned than pre baby) without any silly crash diets and whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. The varying times of classes meant I was able to easily fit in regular exercise around a small baby and a return to work. The fantastic music, variety of classes and general camaraderie at the Studio made me feel like the old me as opposed to just a Mummy. The exercises are also really well suited to those who are still breast feeding (you will know what I mean if you have ever tried to do the wrong kind of exercise with leaky boobs!). 18 months later I fell pregnant with my second child. I am now a week off my due date and still a regular attendee at Barreworks classes. Unlike my first pregnancy I have felt welcomed in class despite my expanding shape – the classes have also helped ensure that the main body part expanding is my stomach as opposed to other areas! Whenever I have felt tired or sick with the pregnancy, a session at Barreworks has always made me feel better. I have been able to carry on doing largely the same exercises as everyone else save for in latter stages where tummy work has been adapted seamlessly by Vicki (and without making you feel like you are some sort of invalid). I cannot recommend Barreworks highly enough for either post or pre natal women and am very happy to talk to anyone who might be considering going along – try a class and you won’t look back! It’s addictive!” – Anneliese Day

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