This month at Barreworks...

This is for MEN ONLY: 'Lifting the Barre...'

Regular MEN ONLY classes to help enhance your fitness, optimise your movement efficiency and create a strong foundation for increased strength and power...

Barreworks trains the big muscle groups to work in conjunction with the deep stablisers, optimising movement efficiency, improving muscle balance and providing a strong foundation from which larger muscle groups can produce power.

This is how Ballet dancers train and the 'athletic cross-over' effect is now (thankfully!) being more and more widely used to the benefit of other sports and physical movement.

If your current training regime is based around static weight lifting or a specific discipline (running, cycling, swimming, rugby or football) our methods could make the difference in your bid to become a stronger, faster, more controlled athlete, whatever level you 'compete' at.

Balance, co-ordination, agility and flexibility will play key roles in helping you perform or compete at a peak level for longer.

Suitable for any level of ability, the full-body workouts will challenge your strength, test your endurance and open your eyes to a whole new discipline of physical movement.

Book in for an introductory session at 6-7pm on 18th June (the perfect Father's Day treat!) hosted by our Founder, Vicki. Email us at to organise this as a gift booking. Single credits are £25, packages are also available.

Senior Instructor, Lucy Potucek and Royal Ballet-trained (and European Championship Diver) Craig Turbyfield will lead our bi-monthly classes and guide you through a carefully designed on-going programme that takes into account your individual needs and that offers progression from session to session.

All dates are now on the schedule, book here!


When the meeting is still going strong and you have Barreworks...

Introducing NEW off-peak pricing for pre-work and lunchtime classes…

Getting your WorkOut in the bag before breakfast means no impending dread lingering over your head all day and no over-running meetings at risk of sabotaging your fitness plans!

And because you don't need to shower afterwards, there's no need to worry about feeling puffed out and sweaty back in the office...

Our lunchtime classes are the perfect opportunity to escape your desk and any posture-punishing paperwork.

With two 45-minute classes each week (Monday & Tuesday 12.30-1.15pm), you can be back in the office (with a sandwich) before anyone even noticed you were gone...and if you have a little longer, join us for a full 60 minutes (12.30-1.30pm) on Wednesday and Thursday.

On top of the physiological benefits of taking class with us early in the morning or at lunchtime, your bank balance will also love you for it...

Take a 5-class Package for just £90 (usually £110) a 10-class Package for just £170 (usually £190) or a Week Pass for only £50 (instead of £60)*.

What's stopping you...? Pack your bag the night before and book in!

* Please note, off-peak packages and passes can ONLY be used against bookings at 7.30am & 12.30pm classes Mon-Thurs, subject to availability.


7 years and no itch...!

The phrase 'time flies' doesn't even come close.

It feels like yesterday since we opened our doors, but we're thrilled to celebrate our 7th year in the heart of wonderful Richmond, with a team that just keeps getting better and the most loyal (hard-working!) clients imaginable. Thank you for all your support and hard work at the barre!


Working out is the new Going out...

Following our sell-out 'Friday Night at the Barre' sessions with Sweaty Betty (and countless requests for a regular Friday evening slot!) we are thrilled to announce a regular Friday 7pm Ballet WorkOut with Sander Blommaert.

Ex-First Artist with The Royal Ballet School, Sander already has a life-time of Ballet experience that he can’t wait to share with you. And although he has come from a classical ballet background, he loves to mix things up a bit with some modern music and a unique edge to his teaching and repertoire.

So if your regular Friday night arrangements are usually more bar, than barre, why not swap your G&T for a glass full of endorphins…? OR, make it your dance-floor warm up before you go out.

Either way, this is the only way to welcome in the weekend! 7-8pm every Friday. Book now!





Refuel the right way...

We have just taken delivery of our latest pre or post-barre treat at the Studio..

Natural Cocoa Energy Balls are handmade in London by our friends at Healthbox Kitchen are made with a base of nuts, rather than dried fruit, for a richer flavour and softer texture. They are naturally higher in protein and unsaturated fats and lower in sugar, using only natural, 100% wholefood ingredients.

Perfect for delivering sustained energy without compromising on taste...and just £1 each!



Follow us on Spotify...

On an almost daily basis, we're asked 'which song did you play during standing split?' or 'what was the final stretch track?' Usually we're upside-down or with our heads over our knees to be able to scan the playlist in question, but now you can follow us on Spotify..! Listen to soothing classical tracks from our Ballet WorkOut on a Sunday afternoon, or get psyched up ready for a Barreworks WorkOut with one of our disco favourites.

Search for 'BarreworksStudio' and start rockin' out..!


Get in shape with our wedding package...

If you, or someone you know is keen to get in the best shape of their lives for the big day, you need to know about our Wedding Package. Here's what you get...

  • 6 weeks of unlimited classes
  • A private, group session (thigh-quivering hen-do, anyone?)
  • And an hour in the Studio to practise your first dance (with your fiancé)

All for just £250

Backless, strapless, off-the shoulder or downright figure-hugging, we'll make sure you have the perfect body for any dress you like...

The burning question...


What came first the chicken or the egg?

Do stairs go up or down?

How do you know which armrest to take in the cinema?

How many calories do you burn in a Barreworks class?

The results are in...Every visit to Barreworks (unless you're just coming in to say 'hello') will set you back a pretty impressive 347 calories. We partnered up with Fitbug to work out that the average heart rate during a class was 111bpm and maximum heart-rate was 146bpm. That equates to around 9,914 ‘aerobic’ steps and nearly 350kcals.


WorkOut with us online...

Imagine how amazing life would be if no single situation prevented you from taking a Barreworks class.

Visit our Online WorkOut page to sign up from anywhere (holiday, office, back garden) and accelerate the effect of your Studio classes even more. WorkOuts start from £4 and some (our Technique videos) are free!

We've even devised a FREE 10-week programme using different combinations of our unique Online WorkOuts for you to follow. This will ensure you get as much variety as possible and that you are increasingly challenged as you become stronger each week. Download it here...

Purchase our WorkOut Accessory Pack (£25) which contains grippy socks, resistance band and soft red ball and maximize the effect of every single rep.



We've just introduced a special New Client Introductory Pass.

If you know someone who has never tried Barreworks, and is brave enough to jump right in for a month of unlimited classes at just £99 (yep, you read that right!) please spread the word…!

Please note, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with the £15 Try Out class offer.