Private WorkOuts

If you're curious to know what a personalised and fully-tailored approach to training would give you, why not consider Private WorkOuts at Barreworks..?

Perhaps you're looking to accelerate results, keen to learn how to take your group WorkOuts to another level or how to tackle some of our tougher signature moves with ease. Adding an occasional Private WorkOut to your regular visits could make all the difference. Alternatively, you might benefit from a regular one-to-one session to achieve your on-going fitness and health ambitions with more focus, guidance and motivation...

We discuss your specific fitness goals and structure sessions that (with a little extra help from us) ensure you achieve them. With the Studio to yourself, you'll have complete privacy and every single piece of equipment (and our full attention) at your disposal! We take a baseline of your fitness (taking measurements if you want us to!) create a programme to challenge and reward you and support you every step along the way.

All sessions (Fusion, Ballet or Barreworks WorkOut) are scheduled with our senior Instructors, who have personal training experience as well as the highest level barre, ballet or yoga training.

Barre Surgery

We pride ourselves on offering close-hand correction and industry-leading discipline in helping you achieve perfect technique as the basis for a tough WorkOut. But no matter how regularly you attend, nor how many years you might have been taking class with us, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.
Book a Barre Surgery appointment and get the opportunity to sharpen your form and address any areas of concern in a 1-2-1 short session with a senior Instructor. You will come away excited to try some new techniques, your head full of ways to make better mind-body connections for future classes, and relieved to have finally asked anything that's been bugging you for ages...

We require 24 hour notice for bookings to ensure Instructor availability. Private WorkOuts are £75 per single (60-minute) session or £370 for 5.

Barre Surgery appointments are £20 for a 20-minute session.

Monthly Subscribers and Members receive a 10% discount.

Single credits are valid for 30-days, packages of 5 are valid for 6 months. A minimum of 12-hours notice must be given for any cancellations.

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